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Summer(feeling) at last!

We left the marina in Lisbon at dawn to get out of the Tejo with the ebb tide. At the mouth of the river, there was hardly any wind, but a good 4 meters of swell from the northwest, which was caused by winter storm Sabine on the North Atlantic. The same swell that caused […]


Porto to Lisbon

After three and a half wonderful months in Porto I headed out at sea again on February 4th 2020! As with my arrival in Porto, I was not alone on board on this part of the trip: Tania, an acquaintance from Freiburg, signed on as “First Mate”. She was spontaneous enough to book a flight […]


Tchao Porto

A German proverb says: You should leave when it is at its best. According to this motto, I planned to continue my journey from Porto to the south. Yet, the farewell was not so easy. After three and a half months in the port of Matosinhos, I got to know a lot of wonderful people. […]