Tchao Porto

A German proverb says: You should leave when it is at its best. According to this motto, I planned to continue my journey from Porto to the south. Yet, the farewell was not so easy. After three and a half months in the port of Matosinhos, I got to know a lot of wonderful people.

In the last weeks I enjoyed the harbour life (and the now much better weather) to the fullest: I went surfing, enjoyed sundowners on the quay, got to know many nice locals and even organized a boat concert aboard Ahora. I am still amazed how we managed to accommodate 12 people including the instruments in (and around) the small cockpit.

But I also wasn’t just “lazy”. I acquired a good basic knowledge of Portuguese, worked on my accounting solution for my online shop for boat supplies and did some work on the boat.

Here are some photographic impressions:

Boat concert on board Ahora
Already at the beginning, the stern was quite low in the water…
… and at the end of the evening we were twelve persons on board!
We used a few sunny days to play Frisbee…
… and practiced surfing on the beach next to the marina.
On other days there were considerable waves that made us glad we wer not out at sea…
… and on yet other occasions, we enjoyed our “beer o’ clock” on the quay.
Minnie, an on-board cat, enjoyed our attention during her gymnastics exercises on the wall.
My online-work was also not neglected, sweetened by a pastel the nata.
I also worked on the boat and built rails for a new acrylic glass door for ahora.
In addition, MacGyver-Micha helped me to repair a broken Iridium Go that I got as a present with his soldering station.
And I hoisted myself into the mast to do an extensive rig check.

But despite this great time in Porto: I felt how it itching more and more, each time I looked at the open ocean from the harbor wall. The travel virus was back! And as the saying goes, one should go, when it is most beautiful. And thus, the weather window with northerly winds opened just at the right moment. On 4. February I set sail. Southbound once more.

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