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Buying a Boat: Long Keel or Fin Keel

The question whether a long keel or a fin keel are the better option for a blue water cruiser is heavily debated in the sailing community. And interestingly, there seems to be a correlation between the nationality of the owner and the preferred choice. While in many German and French forums, a (moderate) fin keel […]


Buying a boat: What size do I need?

When visiting boat shows or walking along the pier at a marina in the Mediterranean, it is easy to get the impression, that the minimal length of a decent boat for offshore cruising has to be at least 45 feet. Over the last decades, average sizes for ocean-going yachts have been increased significantly. When Ahora […]


Buying a boat: Which Material to choose?

The first question when buying a boat is to choose the right material. Boats on the market are either made of wood, steel, aluminum, ferrocement or fiberglass. The goal is to find a material that is affordable, durable, and easy to repair and maintain. Here are my thoughts on this and why I finally settled […]