jan_zodiac_smallHi, I’m Jan,

I am Ahora’s skipper since August 2016. For me, owning a seaworthy sailboat has been a dream since I was a little kid. Even though I did not grow up next to the water, I spend most holidays sailing in Holland and Brittany with my dad and granddad. I somehow always felt connected with the ocean and the wind. As soon as I could read, I immersed myself in books about adventures at sea, such as the travel narratives by German sailing legends Wilfried Erdmann and Bobby Schenk, but also tales of the great age of sail, such as the books by Jack London. For me it was clear that one day, I want to cross the worlds oceans on my own boat.

At the beginning of my studies, other dreams became a priority. But when I got the chance to volunteer on the Schooner Zodiac, my longing for the sea came back with unpreceeded intensity. During the remainder of my studies, I spent more than 10 months in total working on board of different tall ships, including the Roald Amundsen and the Bark Europa, which brought me all the way down to Antarctica.

While I think that sailing on Tall Ships is a great way to learn about seamanship, jan-1-1one is always a part of a larger crew, and decisions on the schedule or places to stop are made by the captain, based on an often quite rigid sailing schedule. Buying my own boat would free me from schedules (apart from the ones dictated by the hurricane seasons).

Currently I am employed at a university in Southern Germany and working towards my PhD. During the first three years, I was able to save some money and finally made the first step towards my future adventures at sea. I bought Ahora!