Solidarity Among Sailors

Luckily, even as a solo sailor, one is rarely alone. At least not at an anchorage. As I am not allowed to leave my boat since yesterday, I am very happy to have a small “social network” in Portugal.

Portuguese friends and other Germans in Portugal, whom I met during my trip, offered me their support, by establishing contacts with locals and by translating an e-mail to the police. And on Facebook I got many tips and encouragement, and also came in touch with other sailors who are in similar situations.

But above all, I am glad that I also know very nice people here at the anchorage. The crew of Buona Onda, for example, offered me help whenever I needed something. And tonight, my friends Micha and Rainer spontaneously came over by their dinghies and brought a grilled chicken.

Micha von der Terra and Rainer von der Zen came by with chicken to the Dinghy dinner

So we had a “dinghy dinner” together (of course with the required distance). It is amazing what kind of creative solutions people come up with during the crisis. And by the modern means of communication. Without WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. we would have been completely lost in such a situation. OK, I could contact the other sailors via radio, but all other communication, in particular to shore, would be difficult.

But like this, I feel very connected to my friends and family at home and my first day in quarantine was much less lonely than I had imagined.

Unfortunately, we had to end the dinner shortly after the chocolate dessert, because a thunderstorm came up, just in time for sunset. It rewarded us with great pictures, which symbolize the current situation in the world quite well.

ahora and Buona Onda under the thunderstorm, taken by Mica of the Terra

So overall, I’m still doing well. I’m in contact with the police and I’m waiting to see what happens next.

I feel much better! Thank you, fellow sailors!


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Linda Stryker says 24. March 2020

So glad things had a silver lining. I will worry less about you. Lovely sunset shot.

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