First Steps Towards Freedom

In Portugal, the state of emergency ended last week. Although it will probably be a long time before the country can fully return to normality, I was very happy by these news.

There are still conflicting information as to whether and to what extent sailing is currently permitted. However, I now really enjoy the freedom to be able to go ashore again.

Here are some impressions from the past few days:

Dinghy ride in search for clams…
… among the prey were even two oysters
Personal care status: 50%. For the trip with Lily’s dinghy to Olhao for laundry (the first time in 8 weeks) I made sure not to look too much like a pirat.
Although actually with this improvised mask the beard would probably not matter anyway;-)
To celebrate the day, I was treating myself to a Pastel de Nata.
I can now enjoy the island life again with extended jogging tours.
On this beach you actually feel like Robinson.
Even though I miss the green of trees on Culatra, these algae more than make up for it.
Unfortunately, the algae also like to settle on my dinghy and on ahora‘s water pass. Time to move the ship again!
But until the time comes, we will move our bodies together with our neighbors at anchor, doing yoga exercises on my “office catamaran” Zen

So, that was my little update. I hope you are all well and that freedom will not threatened by a second wave of Corona.

All is well!


P.S.: Before I forget: yet another of the iconic Culatra sunsets

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